Saving Money by Doing Home Workouts Instead of the Gym

I personally love all Beach Body workouts and the T25 workout is no exception. It is a Shaun T workout and it’s tough but will get you the results you want. If you’re like most people, then you have problems finding the time in your daily schedule to workout or go to the gym. However, this program was developed so that you can get each one of the workouts done in only 25 minutes! Just about everyone can spare 25 minutes a day, and this workout allows you to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life despite your schedule.

This T25 review will tell you that the t25 system is mainly cardio based and extremely intense. Of course, it has to be intense so that you can experience the benefits of a whole hour long workout, condensed into a 25 minute time slot. However, not to worry, there are modified versions of the exercises, so you can start with those before doing the workout at full intensity.

sporty woman doing exercise on the floor

The T25 workout is made up of two phases called the alpha and beta phase. There is also a third phase called the gamma phase but this is sold separately and is an option for an advanced workout. Each one of the workouts will make you sweat like crazy and will burn between 200 – 300 calories per 25 minute session. Note that there is a 3 minute cool down session after since it is important to cool and stretch the muscles after exercising to prevent injury.

So, exactly what can you expect from each workout? Well, it is somewhat similar to the Insanity workout where there is a lot of jumping. Therefore, if you have knee problems or back issues, then you will want to either use the modified moves or avoid this type of workout.

However, that said, many people have found that the T25 system is extremely effective in burning body fat and helped them to lose weight. When you purchase this system you will get the quick start guide, eleven 25 minute workouts, a workout schedule, meal plan, workout resistance band and a large workout calendar.You will have to do one workout per day for five days every week.

In closing, once you stick to the workout plan and follow the meal plan by watching your calories and eating the right foods, you will see results. There is nothing holding you back but yourself, so get started with T25 today!